Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Private Deities, part 7

Private Deities, part 7
Taken at Omega Point.
I poured my wrath and sadness on my lonely proxy
And she died, she died and no one to mourn her.
I made a better person, tried to bring her closer to
The divine, and in so doing found that she became her self
In ways that I could not predict.

A best friend; a love in paint and beauty,
Here I am and here are you and we are made to be together.
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Sian wears: 
[Blackeri] Loves Like Winter - White
[Amorous] Simplicity (Earrings, Necklace)
[League] SilverLeaf Eye Makeup Style1 (Tattoo)
[Curio] The Visitor - Pure 2 in Bean
[Miamai] XGen Lashes_Lust
[negaposi] ELFIN EYES - White Out