Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Private Deities, Part 5

you gave me butterflies (i)
Monica (Miamai) Outlander's new Unfold Collection is her best BlackLabel collection yet.
They do not call them avatars for nothing;
Each reflects the needs, desires, skills, aesthetics, hopes
Of every private deity who chooses to create
Who must create because the world we have above is
Not the world we want to make our only world,
Because we deal in penal substitution, make
Our little Christs to bear our sins to suffer
Create our small religions
Gather up disciples;
you gave me butterflies (ii)
The butterflies are a freebie from Aliza Karu's AD designs. Sian's are called Brian and Sharon.
Now I shall make you fishers of compliments
And every day that someone new becomes a being
And a story begins is a tiny Christmas day
A genesis without a midwife or a womb
A new creation.
A nativity.

Sian wears: 
[Glance] Nyasha skin, Bean
[Miamai] BlackLabel Quee dress; BlackLabel Inferna gloves; LesMakeups Monica Lipsticks Blacks 01; Araree makeup (former group gift); NoAlpha Lashes no. 18 (discontinued?);
[Amorous] Kehl (choker, group gift); Automatic (earrings/necklace)
[Nuuna] Nuuna's Eyebrows 16
[Negaposi] Elfin Eyes - White Out