Thursday, 20 December 2012

Private Deities, part 4

Private Deities, Part 4
These pics were of course taken in Hangars Liquides, which is where the words here were originally performed.
As above, so above and above and above, each level of God
Another unfolding of scale, another private deity; my God
Believes in a God who believes in a God who believes in a God
And somewhere up above an infinity of scale
All things are one thing and no mysteries exist.
God is infinite and in infinite numbers;
Each reduction brings us to the finite; each scale beneath
A smaller thing, more brief, less textured, narrower in dimension.
And somewhere at the bottom, or at least one scale above the end,
You have me.
Ten commandments for a Little God. 

I am your God, and thou shalt have no other God before me, for I cannot give you away, it being contrary to the Terms of Service.
Thou shalt not make unto thyself excessive alts, unless thou namest them scripted agents also, lest thou be accused of perfidy or stalking.
Thou shalt not misuse thy chat logs, for this is also contrary to the terms of service.
Remember the day on which the server updates and keep it holy, for thou shalt not be able to log in anyway.
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's skybox, nor shalt thou park thy absent proxy on thy neighbour's bed.
Thou shalt not grief.
Thou shalt not copybot, nor shalt thou bear false meshes.
Thou shalt not commit adultery while pretending to belong to a gender which is not your God's.
Thou shalt not commit drama.
Thou shalt be consumed by social media platforms about which no one in the realms above cares.
Thou shalt not beg, nor shalt thou sell and say whither thy profits go, lest thou shalt be accused of vanity and begging.

(I am trying to see how many I can break.)

Sian wears:
[Miamai] Garelia Inner jacket; Milda black leggings; Hiatus Gloss Nicht boots, Isis Nails, Inmutatio Brows, InMutatio Eyeshadow, NoAlpha Lashes No. 18
[Amorous] Die Schlact (earrings)
[Zaara] Nizam Nathri nosering
[PXL] Faith Ebony; Faith Ebony Dark Lipstick
[Miss Shippe's Studio] Brows-B-Gone