Friday, 14 December 2012

Private Deities, part 3

Private Deities, Part 3 (i)
The jacket, a current group gift at sYs, is possibly the best thing they've ever made - not scripted horribly, and rigged to resemble an actual human shape.
So there's this other God who the other week
Passed the children's playground by his home and watched
The children swinging sliding running laughing like trickling water
And one of the parents came over and said, hey, and he said, hey
And the parent said, is one of these kids yours, and God said,
No, and it's so sad, and the parent said, why? And God said,
It's so sad that they're all damned and they don't know how
Serious the world is, because nothing is innocent here and the
Parent looked at him with one eye half-shut and said, OK, and said,
I think you'd better go now, because I think I might have to call the police,
And God said, please yourself, and went back home and thought a bit
And thought he'd be best served taking out on his own creations.

He'd been into role-playing, made adolescent monsters our of base components
And when he was bored with them he erased them from his inventory
In fire and plague and swarm and famine and finally flood as best he could
Because they never seemed to do the things he asked.
He had these rules, you see, a lot of rules, for he was a jealous God
And punished his creations seven times over for reasons that seemed to
Other Gods and other people here to be a little petty.
He wanted to make a world he could love with people he could love,
He hated his own so much, and never seemed to grasp the problem there.

Private Deities, Part 3 (ii)
If you can't see joy, what's the point in you?
God's a griefer now, and uses his talent for mechanics, not aesthetics
To rain down wrath and destruction upon the works of other Gods and
He would be feared so much for he can show you how to find and hurt the other Gods
Who cross him, and makes their phone numbers public
And brings misery and sorrow to all, for he is vengeful, so vengeful
And demands you pray to him and him alone.

Sion wears:
[sYs] KABAN Jacket (Men's) - Group Gift
[Amorous] Audiopunk Headphones
[ELIXIR] Renegade Outriders BLACK
[Miamai] Legacy Boots
[Negaposi] ELFIN EYES - White Out
[Tableau Vivant] Vincent August