Friday, 7 December 2012

Private Deities, part 2

Even the sex is Platonic.
When God, another God, not mine, and possibly not yours,
Created Adam and Eve to be her means of adoration,
It was because she had been dumped.
She sat, six days before the world began,
In an Italian restaurant, and the waiters asked if she
Was ready yet to order and offered to remove the second setting
On the other side of the candle.
God had grown up strange and incomplete and scarred
Bereft of all the social skills that benefit you still in
The ideal realms of intellectual principle and form
Where all tables, waiters, mobile phones and jilted
Would-be lovers are one
And every touch is shadowed by my skin against yours
And even the sex is Platonic.
And she is every lonely individual
And she deserves your love as much
As every blameless recipient of your ignorance.

And God said to her creation, you should know me,
And then, she thought it over and said, shit, no, probably you you shouldn't
Definitely you shouldn't, and maybe if you knew God you'd be
Ashamed to have been created by a fuck-up like me
Because, Christ knows, I'm embarrassed, I can't even look in the mirror
And each reflection here is all reflections
And consequently often far too much to bear,
And God said, see this apple? And Adam and Eve said, yeah, we see the apple
And God said, don't eat it, don't eat, OK?

Don't eat the apple.
Don't eat the apple.
Don't eat the apple.

We know how that turned out.

Sian wears:
[Graves] G409 Elegance White
[ROSAL] UNMEI Neck Corset
[By Snow] Cyborlyte Eyes MESH (White)
[Amorous] Retrospect (earrings)
[Glamorize] Glass Lips - Quicksilver
[Miamai] Darker Love 02 makeup; NoAlpha Lashes No. 18
[Miss Shippe's Studio] Brows-B-Gone
[PXL] FAITH Ebony skin