Tuesday, 4 December 2012


blackeri panda
The panda blinks!
Sian heard on the kids' news today that Edinburgh Zoo's pandas are celebrating their first year in the UK (and they were the first pandas to be brought to the UK for well over a decade). Here's the Edinburgh Zoo PandaCam.

Also today, Defi Balfour of Blackeri coincidentally sent Sian this panda outfit, which is not normally what she'd wear... but which has a certain something.

Normal Sian service will be resumed shortly. 

Sian wears:
[Blackeri] Panda
[RAW HOUSE] Khaos hair [Black 05]
[A:S:S] Nailpolish - Jet black
[mock] Sahne Bitter Chocolate lipgloss
[a.e.meth] - Andromeda Eyeliner
[Amorous] Simplicity (Earrings); You (Bracelets)
[Miamai] XGen Lashes: Lust
[Miss Shippe's Studio] So sad little geisha dark brows; Brows-B-Gone 
[IKON] Utopia Eyes - Black (M)
[PXL] Faith Ebony skin